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Countdown To Christmas: WettGiggles

Want your kids to enjoy bath time even more? You have to get WettGiggles soap then.  I can honestly say that this has to be the cutest soap I have ever seen.  WettGiggles is actually a 3 in one product.  First, you have the soap.  It is made with natural glycerin, essentials oils, and shea butter.  The soap doesn't dry out your skin and is actually quite nice to use.  Then there is the toy on top.  Lastly, in the soap there is a manicure brush to help get at the kid's fingernails.  There are nine unique characters, and each has its own scent.  For example, Cupid, the pup, is coconut banana scented, and Juliet, the duck, is orange scented.  The scents also aren't knock you over overwhelming, so they can be used in a house where heavy scents are an issue.  These also make an excellent talking point when you put them by your sink!  Everyone will ask where you got them from!

This definitely falls under a unique Christmas gift that every child will enjoy (and some parents too!).

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