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I’m sick

Now the kids gave me their wonderful cold. Needless to say, I feel like crap. Since Bill didn't come home (aff) till ten last night because he had a Christmas party to attend, he let me sleep in this morning. I love my new mattress, but I certainly wouldn't have minded if we would have bought a memory foam mattress instead. I laid on one, and they were nice. However, they were a tad more expensive than what I wanted to pay.  Even though I slept till noon, I still feel terrible.  Will is napping right now, and Bill and Madison are outside playing in the snow (or what's left of what we had).  I am debating if I should go take another nap, because I could definitely use it.  However, I know as soon as I lay down, Will will wake up.

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3 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. hi there…got here through entrecard…

    hope you get well soon!!! it stinks, being sick…especially when you're the mommy and there is so much to do! lucky you, though…your hubby let you sleep.

    get well soon!

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