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Mia Reading

Mia Reading is a computer game that Madison has been trying out for me. The age on it is 5-9, so she is tad young for it. That being said, we played it on the easiest setting. The first thing I was impressed with is the animation. It is highly detailed. My adult games aren't done this well. You can control Mia by using either the keyboard or the mouse. This is good since Madison likes to use both. The goal of the level we were playing was that she had to direct Mia to find various items. Sometimes she would have to play various games to get the item. I had to help her a little. However, I did expect to have to help her a lot more than I did. She was able to locate most of the items without my help. Madison loved this game. We actually had to pry my laptop out of hands to get her to quit playing it. It completely held her attention, and I loved that it was educational. I would highly recommend this game to your little ones.

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