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Pacific Shaving Company

I am not a person who uses shaving gels or creams when I shave my legs in the shower. I use good old fashioned water. I am usually in hurry, and most of the stuff out there makes me break out in hives (the joys of being allergic to life itself).  I recently tried the All Natural Shaving Oil.  Yes, that little bottle will last you close to 100 shaves.  You only use 5 – 7 drops, so you do not need a lot.  It makes a little lather.  There is a couple things I noticed after using this to shave my legs.  First, it didn't make me break out into hives.  Second, I didn't need to moisturize my legs after shaving.  I also think it gave me a closer shave.  I also loved that there was no mess to clean up — no extra shaving cream to wipe away.  The other awesome thing is that this is a 1/2 oz bottle, so you can make it through airport security!  Pacific Shaving Company for all your shaving needs.  If it works this good on my legs, I can only imagine how great it would work on your face or elsewhere.

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