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Rug Doctor Review

I may not have a ton of carpet in my house. However, what I have for carpet isn't pretty. With Madison's first communion right around the corner, I rented a Rug Doctor. The above picture is my basement stairs. Gross, I know. Those stains ended up there when we did Will's first birthday. Will will be 5 in June. I've tried everything under the sun to remove that. We don't even know what was spilled there. We just know that it has been there since the party.

My local grocery store rents out Rug Doctors.  I was able to rent one with attachments for less than $30 a night.  I highly recommend the attachments!  We used the attachments to clean my basement stairs and my back porch.  As you can see from the picture below, those were my results:

Seriously.  Those stains?  GONE!  That alone was worth getting.  However, the water after doing those stairs:

Yes, that's what it did to my water.  It was pretty gross.  However, the carpet on the stairs that looked like crap before looks awesome!!!  My own husband couldn't believe how well it worked!  It almost looks like we put new carpet in!  We also used the Rug Doctor on Madison's bedroom.  The Rug Doctor was able to get nail polish out of her carpet, so needless to say, I am impressed.

The Rug Doctor was pretty easy to use.  I did use it a tad to slow in Madison's room so I recommend not using it at a snails pace like I did.  That being said, I will definitely use a Rug Doctor again.  We are extremely impressed with the results!

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3 thoughts on “Rug Doctor Review

  1. Hey Lisa 🙂

    My son’s carpet was in major need of a scrubbing. A while ago I went to spot clean something and my carpet scrubber died a hideous horrible death in which it spewed water everywhere and made scary noises. My dog had nightmares for three days LOL

    So the carpets haven’t been cleaned in I can’t remember how long. That room was starting to smell funky, I think one of the boys spilled something and didn’t get it cleaned up right away – though no one confessed to it.

    Anyhow, I didn’t have the funds to go buy a new scrubber. I remembered you talking about your Rug Doctor rental and the amazing stain removal so I figured what the heck. I went to Farm Fresh and did a rental, I grabbed the hose attachment, a bottle of oxy cleaner, a bottle of odor remover, and I upgraded to the 48 hour rental so I would be able to do all three carpeted areas in the house and maybe freshen up the mattresses a bit.

    Truth be told, I didn’t need the extra rental time. The carpet looks pretty darn amazing after just one run and doing the whole room went surprisingly fast. With my Hoover scrubber steamer I would have to run a scrub cycle at least twice to get anything remotely close to clean and it was an all day project just to do one room.

    Rug Doctor just became my new best friend. If I ever decide to buy a new steam scrubber to keep in the house, I’ll definitely be buying a Rug Doctor (with kid and pets in the house it seems like a worthwhile investment)

    Anyhow, I’ve rambled a long time here. I just wanted to let you know that your Rug Doctor evangelism saved me a ton of money hiring a steam cleaner truck to come clean for me and my kids’ room no longer smells funky. Thanks a bunch 😉

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