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Snow White: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm

There aren't too many kids out there who haven't heard of Snow White. However, Snow White: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm is a version I hadn't heard before.  The story is still the same, but there are little details that the Grimm brothers added that you don't hear when it gets retold.  That being said, the illustrations in this book are top notch.  Charles Santore illustrated that book, and I can see why he has won numerous awards.  You almost don't need the words on the page to tell the story; the pictures do it for you!  Another detail this book has (which I found pretty cool) was a ribbon marker, so you don't lose your page.  I wish more books had that!  This book is for ages 6 – 9, and I would recommend it to add to your home (aff) library!

4 thoughts on “Snow White: A Tale from the Brothers Grimm

  1. I enjoyed reading your blogs on the books. My daughter LOVES reading books at night. I'm always looking for ideas/suggestions on books to go out and buy!

  2. i really like the versions done by the Grimm brothers though Disney of course still has the right for these, it is still good to have other versions like a song reinvented by other artists. :mrgreen:

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