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The Flashcard Zoo

il_155x12564518299As you all know, I love fun and educational stuff and The Flashcard Zoo fits the bill.  We've been working with will to get him to talk more and what better way we thought than flashcards!  We picked the animal cards from them to use.  However, you are able to make your own customized cards.

The thing I love the most about these cards is that they are indestructible (and trust me, Will has tried).  To quote the site:

They have been lab tested in hostile conditions and can withstand, chewing, drooling, being walked on, being used as a Frisbee, landing in the toilet, swimming in the bathtub and are great for keeping wooden train tracks level on the carpet.

They are laminated so even if they do manage to get them wet (by the toilet or their mouth), they aren't ruined.  They also can't be bent.  These cards are also good for Madison, because on the back, it has the first letter of the corresponding picture on the front.  It also has guided writing exercises.  Since it is laminated, you are able to practice each letter and easily wipe it off (as long as you use a dry erase marker or crayons).  The photographs used in my set are awesome.  These are high resolution photos and definitely make it easy to figure out what animal is on each card.

Best of all, these cards were created by a mom.  She knew what her child needed and set out to make it.  I am just glad she has allowed our children to use the same tools.  Needless to say, my kids love these.  We've spend countless hours using them to identify animals and animal s0unds and work on our letters.  They definitely get a two thumbs up vote here.

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