How To Prepare Your Kids For Summer Break
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How To Prepare Your Kids For Summer Break

Summer break will arrive before you know it, and with that comes the need to find a way to transition your kids from school sessions to summer break. While summer break can be laxer for kids, it's important that you develop some plan of attack, or you'll end up with kids who say I'm bored all day long. Having bored kids during summer break, especially when you're a work-from-home (aff) parent, can be frustrating. Today I will share some tips to prepare kids for summer break so that you won't lose your sanity and your kids will have fun.

Tips to Prepare Kids for Summer Break

Keep a Routine

While you may want to push dinner out or have kids stay up a bit later, you must plan now for those later nights. You can keep a routine during summer break, even if the routine is pushed out slightly. This will help your kids avoid restless nights and keep them running on some form of routine so they don't slack off too much with other duties during the summer.

Plan Family Days

You can plan with some family days if you're a work-from-home (aff) parent. You could plan one day a week as your family day. This could be a day spent at the beach or an amusement park. What you do on a family day will ultimately depend on what your family enjoys.

Develop a Chore List

With more freedom comes more responsibilities. Develop a chore list that will give your kids structure and expectations during the day instead of just leaving them to goof off all day.

Set Rules and Expectations

Be sure to set rules and expectations. This is extremely important for preteens and teens. If you live in a small community, your older kids may want to spend daytime hours with their friends. You must set up rules now so that your older kids know they won't be able to do whatever they please; they'll still have expectations to abide by.

Do Not Over-Schedule

Summer break needs to be a time for everyone to relax. There will be fewer sporting events and extra-curricular activities to get kids to. You must maintain some routine as well as rules and expectations while refraining from over-scheduling. Relaxation should take priority.

Get ready for a fun-filled, easy-going summer break!

9 thoughts on “How To Prepare Your Kids For Summer Break

  1. Summer is so much fun for families to enjoy time together. Great post and advice. I do like the part about not overscheduling. Kids do need time to unwind.

  2. I know how bored kids can sometimes get during summer break too. My daughters decided they wanted to go to summer school and take some fun classes. They also have swim lessons, so they’ll stay busy this summer.

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