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'Vegan Is Love' Children's Book Is Heartwarming And Life Changing

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Vegan Is Love is a new children's book written by Ruby Roth. Before it was even released, this book sparked a lot of outrage and controversy amongst parents and psychologists. This book serves as an introduction to veganism and compassion for young children. Ruby Roth is a passionate author, and she did an excellent job at sharing her ideas through this book.


The plot is basically several pages of information regarding how humans use animals. It discusses the food industry, the entertainment industry and using animals for fashion. Each paragraph is written beautifully and with emotional depth. The details are not as gruesome as reality. Critics made claims that it was too violent for children, but children are naturally curious about these issues.

Artistic Perspective

The illustrations in the book are definitely for children. There's nothing horrific about any of the art, but it still conveys a message in a clear manner that children will understand. Each illustration is carefully thought out and tells a bigger story than the words alone.

Children's Reaction

A major concern was that children would be afraid or disinterested in a book like this. Vegan Is Love is a powerful book that children respond to very well. Ruby Roth goes on book-reading tours, and everywhere she goes there are crowds of children listening. It could be one of the most important books that a child can read or have read to them.

Is It That Bad?

You have probably heard the criticisms online and on the television, but it is important to look at the book for yourself. Give it a chance. This book is truly a fantastic book for children, and it will start them on the path of compassion from a young age.

Where To Buy

This book is available in most bookstores and online.   This book is a valuable treasure in any book collection for children.
Some topics are hard to discuss with children. You probably understand how hard it can be, and fumbling over the right answer isn't any fun. Vegan Is Love makes it a little easier for parents that want to explain how animals are treated and used to their children without the brutality.

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