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What will you do with your minute?

McDonald's is asking: If you had one minute to help make a difference in your world, what would you do? For my family, we already do something along the lines of this. To fight childhood obesity (not that my kids are overweight or anything), we have a minute or so of dance every night in my kitchen. All of us do this (my hubby and I are included). The iPod is set to random, and it picks a song. We all then dance to the song for however long is lasts (now Dave Matthews has a song on there that is around 8 minutes, so that one we end early). Now, this little thing hopefully allows my children an appreciation of music. Also, it is a nice workout before we all eat dinner for the evening.

Starting Friday, November 7, the fun continues online at http://www.happymeal.com/ where kids and families can find suggestions for online and offline activities, track their “minutes moved” and enter special codes found on Happy Meal choices of lowfat Milk Jugs and Apple Dippers to enrich the activities on the site. We get lots of Happy Meals here, so we should have a lot of fun with that.

Let me know what you will do with your minute.

2 thoughts on “What will you do with your minute?

  1. I LOVE your idea of dancing before dinner!! How fabulous that you all do it together as a family, and the benefits are great!! Appreciation for music, family time spent together, exercise, etc.!! Great idea!!!

    I found your blog through Kim @ What’s That Smell? / Accidental Mommies.


    Michele R.(CA)


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