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Will Update — The Story Up Till Now

Where do I start?  I landed yesterday from the Stouffer's Event (which was awesome and I will be writing posts later about it.  I just can't right now).  I got a phone call from my FIL.  He said that “I'm picking you up.  Will's in the hospital”.  Of course, my idiotic response was “are you kidding me”.  I mean my brain could not wrap around what he was telling me.  And he wasn't kidding.  All he knew is that Will spiked a high fever, was unresponsive, and was taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Can you say mom guilt?  I know that being here wouldn't have changed a damn thing.  However, I can't shake the guilt.

Well, what happened was that my MIL dropped Madison off at preschool and was driving to my SILs.  She watches her kids on Thursdays.  Her house is about 6 blocks away from Madison's preschool.  Will and grandma were singing in the car till she turned on my SIL's block.  Then he stopped singing and she thought he fell asleep.  She pulled in front of their house and went to get Will out.  He was slumped over, unresponsive, and foaming at the mouth.  A scary sight.  He was rigid, so she had a hell of time getting him out of his carseat (aff) and ran to my SIL's door.  My SIL called 911.  By the time the ambulance got there, he was still seizing. We still don't know if it was one long seizure (febrile seizures should last 2 (aff)-3 (aff) minutes and you shouldn't get multiples) or if he beat the odds and had multiple seizures.  However, he seized all the way to the hospital. (My heart is breaking as I write this and I wasn't even there).

He got there and I'm not sure exactly what happened but they ran a lot of tests.  They tried a CT with sedation but he moved too much.  They also ran a swine flu test.  When I had heard he spiked a fever, that's where I went.  It's a scary feeling.  I guess even after the seizure he should have snapped back, and he didn't.

I got there right after the CT attempt, and we spent most of the time waiting for test results.  They still don't know what caused the fever.  The only test we don't have back is for the swine flu.  He was pretty crabby on and off all day today.

Our plan of action for the next 5 days is that we have to monitor him.  He will get Motrin every 6 hours the entire time and we will keep our fingers crossed.

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16 thoughts on “Will Update — The Story Up Till Now

  1. Oh gosh. I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope things are looking up. I asked Mike about seizures quickly, and he said that most do no damage when related to fevers in kids, so that's a little bit of good news.

  2. Mom guilt is the pits. We all get it no matter what we do. Keep us posted on how he's doing. I can bet that he doesn't have the swine flu and it's just a bad cold. Still, I can't even imagine how you feel. Hope he feels better soon.

  3. Will do. I don't think he has the swine flu either, but who knows? I'll feel better when they get those results. I just pray that this doesn't happen again.

  4. Oh, how awful for you all to go through this. I hope Will is feeling better soon. Cut yourself some slack – you're a good Mom 🙂

  5. Ah sweetie, I'm so sorry! What a terrible thing for all of you to be going through. Hope the worst is past and Will is his own self again soon. Hugs to you all.

  6. I'm glad that Will is home with you. That's a good sign.

    The mother guilt is understandable tho' he'll not ever remember this and you need to forgive yourself and concentrate on the here and now.

    I'll be thinking of you, Lisa and your little family. You will be OK, I'm sure of it.

    (((healing hugs)))

  7. Wow, this is my first visit to your blog, I hope everything turns out OK! When my DD26 was 5, she had a high fever & was tested for pylonefritis (kidney) but everything turned out OK. Good Luck!

  8. A couple of months ago my son had a fever of 107. Luckily I was sitting next to him when he fell asleep and he started burning up. We grabbed the ear thermometer, and got him in the tub in cold water IMMEDIATELY and he did NOT have a seizure but he spent 3 days in the hospital with his fever going up and down and he ended up fine but they never really had a definitive diagnosis.

    It's hard not to have that guilt, but it's not your fault and all you can do now is take care of him. My son started milking it after awhile…they are sooo smart! So watch out for that LOL!

    I hope he feels better soon!

  9. Oh my gosh Lisa! This had to be so scary for all of you. I hope Will is feeling better and getting lots of rest right now. Hugs all around. If there's anything I can do just let me know.

  10. Wow, that would really scary to come home to. I hope that all will be well in the days ahead for Will.

  11. OMG, I'm sorry to hear this happened on Will, Lisa! Hope he'll recover from the illness as soon as possible…

    Hugs and blessing from me, my friend!

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